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Cellomatics BioSciences Ltd - GDPR Consultancy and Technology Advice 
Cellomatics BioSciences Ltd is a Nottingham based Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialised in a number of therapeutic areas. We provide bespoke pre-clinical and early discovery phase laboratory services to support Biotech, Pharmaceutical companies and Academic groups in their drug discovery projects. 
As we work with large pharmaceutical organisations, we wanted to ensure everything we do follows full GDPR compliance practices that are in place and needed some assistance to perform a gap analysis to highlight any areas of potential vulnerabilities. 
We looked for a locally based company who could help us ensure we have everything we needed and engaged Green Giant Consulting after initial conversations with them and other potential providers. 
We had our workshop with Green Giant who went into depth about all the data we hold, where its stored and the policies and processes we have in place. At the workshop they quickly identified some quick wins on good practices which we implemented. Following the workshop, they went away and quickly created all the necessary policies and processes we need to demonstrate we take our data seriously and to ensure we are compliant. 
We also got some good advice on changes we can make to the technology we use to make it more efficient going forward. 
Green Giant have helped us get into a better position and confident we can make further improvements going forward” 
Dr Shailendra Singh – Founder and Chief Executive Officer 


Sheridan and Co - IT Strategy and Project Delivery Consultancy 
Sheridan&Co are a global retail design agency with offices in Market Harborough, London and New York. We work with global luxury brands to create unique retail experiences in stand-alone stores, retails concessions, pop ups, launches and promotions. 
We are a family owned business and have been trading since 1983, now employing around 65 people across the three offices. 
Recognising the role that technology could play within our company to help us achieve our growth plans, we sought Green Giant Consulting’s help in incorporating technology into our wider business strategy. 
Through our early conversations with Peter, we recognised an opportunity to capitalise on his wealth of experience of project delivery in order to aid with our ambition of continually improving our own, so we engaged Green Giant Consulting to work with us on two key areas. 
Firstly, Peter created a clear ‘Technology Strategy and Roadmap’ to help expand and improve on our current systems. At the heart of this was a ‘Cloud first’ strategy. This has already facilitated better collaboration across the organisation by utilising technology and applications we already had as part of Office 365 such as MS Teams and SharePoint. The strategy created a solid infrastructure foundation to which we can build on to help meet the company vision. 
Secondly, Peter worked with the Project Delivery teams to review and implement a more efficient structure, improved delivery processes, and improved project governance. This was achieved by creating targeted workshops and mentoring individuals in order to upskill them. 
Green Giant have given us a solid technology strategy foundation and an improved project delivery process. The projects identified have allowed us to achieve a number of cost savings and business improvements by utilising cloud technology, helping to keep Sheridan&Co at the forefront of retail design. 
Bertie Sheridan - Director 


East Midlands Chamber - IT Strategy Consultancy 
The East Midlands Chamber is the 2nd largest chamber in the British Chambers of Commerce network with over 4300 members and growing. In November 2018 it was awarded ‘Chamber of the Year’ by the British Chambers of Commerce. 
The Chamber has a large number of member-centric initiatives underway that will have an impact on IT that need to be collated, understood and then assessed to ensure they are worth progressing and will also meet the current and future needs and strategy of the Chamber. 
Scott Knowles is the Chief Executive of the Chamber and wanted to bring in an independent view to ensure the right initiatives are progressed, and the future technology supports what the Chamber are aiming to achieve for their members, customers and the wider business community. 
“Senior representation and alignment of IT into the Business Strategy had been a gap for the Chamber and myself and the senior leadership team recognised that this was needed going forward. 
Green Giant Consulting came in and quickly got to understand where we were in our IT maturity and worked with the teams to develop a roadmap of projects that will allow the Chamber to optimise its investments in technology over the last few years and also make it easy to support the plans for future growth. The roadmap was created quickly and gives everyone a clear understanding of how we can progress and bring efficiencies in our organisation. 
They are now integral with the senior leadership team helping drive the right changes to stabilise and grow the chambers. 
Engaging Green Giant Consulting was key in getting us to a much better position and provided the foundation for further improvements." 
Scott Knowles – Chief Executive East Midlands Chamber 


Nottingham Pet Crematorium - GDPR Consultancy 
At Nottingham Pet Crematorium were aware of the new regulations that were coming into force for GDPR at the end of May 2018 but didn’t know what it meant for our business. There was lots of different information around and as the deadline approached we were still no clearer what we needed to do so we spoke with our accountant who pointed us in the direction of Peter at Green Giant Consulting Ltd. 
We arranged an initial call with Peter to talk through our concerns and get an understanding what was needed to be put into place. From the call he came to see us to learn more about our business and quickly allayed any fears we had and calmly suggested the best way forward for us. 
Peter worked with our web developer to implement a new privacy policy and the necessary notices and processes we needed which took away the problem from us to allow us to run our business. 
If we needed any further advice around GDPR or general technology queries we would definitely use Green Giant Consulting again! 
Rita and John – Owners of Nottingham Pet Crematorium 

Marcrist International - IT Strategy Consultancy 

Marcrist International - IT Strategy Consultancy 
"Marcrist International is a company based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, that manufacture and supply Diamond Tools, Bonded Abrasives, Surface Preparation equipment and problem-solving equipment for a wide range of applications in a variety of industrial sectors. 
Marcrist had three physical on-premise Windows servers, two were based the UK and one in our German office. They were all over 8 years old so technically ‘out of life’ in terms of current technology. The servers were running Windows Server 2003 which was no longer supported by Microsoft with security updates or fixes, therefore increasing our risk of data breaches and failure. The servers in the UK ran our business-critical applications including our ERP system. 
As this was an increasing risk we felt the best solution would be to migrate and consolidate all physical on-premises servers into a single managed cloud-based solution serving both the UK and German offices. 
We engaged Green Giant Consulting to come in, listen to our challenges, and help us in in sourcing the right supplier and end solution. They clearly defined our requirements and looked around the market to find us the best solution and put forward their recommendation. 
Green Giant worked with the chosen supplier to build the solution and liaised with our 3rd party suppliers and me to get the new server up and running. We had a few challenges along the way but Green Giant approached them calmly and managed then to a successful conclusion. 
We are now realising great benefits to the business. Not only does it bring the aging servers up-to-date, it meant that I can reduce the time and effort of managing on-premises servers and consolidate all company data into a single, secure environment. 
Engaging Green Giant Consulting was key in getting us to a much better position and provided the foundation for further improvements." 
Simon Johnson – IT Manager 


Advanex Europe - IT Strategy Consultancy 
"I was tasked by the management board to produce an IT roadmap that would help support the group growth plan of more than doubling the turnover by 2020. 
As this was an area I felt I needed some help and advice on I engaged Green Giant Consulting who were local to both our offices in Southwell and Nottingham. 
Green Giant Consulting came in and quickly got to understand where we were in our IT maturity and worked with me to put together a roadmap of projects that will allow the group to not only get us up to date with technology but also make it easy to support the plans for future growth. The roadmap was broken down into several key areas showing the dependencies, high-level costings and mitigation against key risks. This work was completed in only a two-week timeline! 
Green Giant also helped me put the information together in a presentation so I was then able to present the IT roadmap to the management board. The feedback I received was very positive and they were fully supportive of the plan and costs so I can now go ahead and deliver the roadmap. 
I don’t believe I would I have got to this position as quickly as I did without the help of Green Giant Consulting." 
Ashley Reast - IT Manager Advanex Europe  


Aerocom UK Ltd - IT Due Diligence 
“At Aerocom UK Ltd we provide pneumatic air tube systems across the UK with a large proportion of our customers being hospitals. We recently won a large contract for a new installation in a hospital in Leeds and as part of the agreement, the only way we could support them remotely was to access our dedicated PC via the NHS N3 connection. 
As we normally would use a dial-in connection for the support we didn’t know what we needed to do to get the N3 connectivity or who can provide this. Also since the NHS ransomware incident earlier in 2017, several of our current customers were now saying that we need to connect via N3 so as a business we needed to act. 
Following a recommendation by our managed IT Company, Green Giant came in and listened to the challenges we were facing and took them away from us and managed it on our behalf. 
Green Giant went away and spoke with all the companies who can provide the N3 connection for us and then made recommendations based on a number of factors including costs and time to implement. 
Once the right vendor was selected Green Giant managed them to ensure we had everything in place to allow us to apply for the N3 connection. This included creating several bespoke policies and processes to formalise how we needed to manage IT and Data security. Some changes were needed to our IT so Green Giant worked with our IT provider to ensure they were made in the tight timelines. 
The whole process took a few weeks with several challenges along the way but Green Giant overcame them in a calm and pragmatic way to get us into the position where we had everything in place and we got the connectivity we needed” 
Robert Beardsley - General Manager 


ALH Legal Will Writers - Business Change Management 
"I knew that I was too busy, and wanted to grow my business, but didn’t know where to start. Peter helped me to stand back and look at my business processes and decide on what type of support I needed. I would never have given myself time to do this on my own. He then supported me and my new VA to work effectively together and suggested appropriate technology to assist us. He listened to my concerns and was very patient. 
I couldn’t have got to this point without him – thank you." 
Amanda Harris - ALH Legal Will Writers 


Healthcare at Home - IT Strategy Consultancy 
"You don't meet enough business leaders like Peter, unfortunately! 
He is calm, pragmatic, hugely experienced and a clear communicator. His advanced stakeholder management skills mean that change is achieved with minimal fuss. He is a natural leader, mentoring his teams and leading from the front. 
Peter is able to switch easily from strategic thinking to operational delivery. 
I cannot speak highly enough of the contribution Peter made during our time working together." 
Gary Long - IT Director Healthcare at Home 


Repton Projects - Project & Programme Management 
"I worked with Peter at Green Giant Consulting and during this time he has been the consummate professional. His expertise in Practical Project, Programme and Portfolio Management is second to none. 
Peter has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience within many commercial sectors and can, therefore, help you with any aspect of Change Management from small queries to full Project, Programme and Portfolio Management. 
If you need assistance Peter is your man!" 
Russ Hadfield - Projects Director Repton Projects 
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