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Specialists in Fractional IT Director Services for SME organisations 

Technology and Strategy 

As your organisation grows the reliance on Information Technology (IT) grows with it, especially in terms of both increased end user expectations and the required technical expertise that is necessary to provide innovative solutions. 
Therefore, you will need an experienced and proactive IT leader to drive growth and ensure innovation occurs at the right pace. For smaller organisations it is not possible, or cost effective, to have a full-time IT Director as part of the senior management team and this is where the Fractional IT Director service from Green Giant Consulting Ltd can help you. 
Green Giant’s Fractional IT Director service provides an experienced, impartial IT strategist to ensure your business IT requirements are fully met in the most practical and cost effective way. All this is achieved for an agreed amount of time for as long you want, minimising the risk to you. 

Just some of the areas the Fractional IT Director Service can complement you with are: 

Strategic Vision Review 

we look at where you are with your current IT and business strategy together with where you want to be in the future. We’ll produce an IT roadmap ensuring the appropriate level of technology and business processes are employed to get you there. 

IT Consultancy 

we will provide a scalable solution for your changing IT requirements as your company grows, including improved systems and software to make your business more efficient. 

Supplier Reviews 

as part of our IT services, we’ll make sure that your suppliers are providing you with the services you need as your company grows, and still offering you value for money. 

Team Gaps and Structure 

we can bring cohesion within your current team through strong leadership and direction. We can also advise on the right structure and required skills for your team now and into the future. 

Project Management 

we provide a full project management service for our larger clients using a structured methodology to help you review, monitor and control your projects. Our services include implementing the appropriate level of project governance, setting up a Project Management Office, full project delivery, ensuring quality assurance and bringing projects back on track if they are not delivering. 
The objective of Green Giant Consulting is to become your long-term trusted partner through the provision of impartial, unbiased advice whilst working within the boundaries of your organisation’s culture. With the Fractional IT Director service, you will not need to bring in contract or interim resources, only paying for what you need, when you need it, making it a more cost effective option. 
Green Giant Consulting Ltd have over 36 years’ experience to call upon in a large number of industry sectors so can bring the right level of guidance to your organisation. We are committed to ensuring you get the best out of your technology and your suppliers with a no-nonsense, honest attitude. 
Get in touch and find out how our IT services could help your business. 
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