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Multi Hatted Director (MHD) Masterclass 

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Are you an Owner/Manager or in a family run business? 
Do you look after multiple functions like Sales, IT, Finance and Operations (and more) in your business? 
Then you are a MHD so read on! 
The Concept of a Multi Hatted Director (or MHD as we like to call you) 
Definition: Multi Hatted Director. A person who is in a growing business that has a title or role of Director but looks after multiple functions within that business. 
An example: A Director who looks after finance, IT, Operations and Sales but has specific skills and knowledge of one, possibly two areas. 
How does someone become an MHD: When companies are started you (and your partners if you have them) have to take on many hats to ensure the business keeps going. As the business grows and so does the workforce, some of the key functions are devolved and become their own entity e.g. HR, Finance or Sales. You may have been recruited into an organisation and have been made an MHD. 
A Manager or specific Director may be recruited to oversee and develop those functions taking away one of the hats from the MHD. The others will still remain firmly on your head. 
What could that mean for a business: A number of the pain points this can bring to you are your business could be: - 
• Time wasted ‘swapping hats’ 
• Time and money spent ‘learning’ the in’s and outs of weaker areas of knowledge 
• Stress of managing the processes, people and intricacies of different functions 
• Potential lack of forward momentum in each area due to lack of time/resource/knowledge/drive 
To expand on the above. As each day, week, month and year passes the MHD has to regularly and constantly keep taking on and off these hats depending on what the focus and situation is. This means constantly switching between functions and remembering what is going on in that area that needs your attention. If you were in the middle of sorting out an urgent operational issue and an even higher priority Finance matter arose you would need to take the operational hat off and put on your finance hat. 
Once the urgent finance matter is dealt with then you need to get back to the operational one and it takes time to get back up to speed and focus your attention. It’s exhausting!!! 
Does this concept of an MHD ring true for you? 
Do you want to have access to a select group of like minded MHDs and resources?  
If this sounds like you and want to explore this more then why not sign up to be part of the Masterclass. 
The Masterclass has been designed to bring together a select group of like minded individuals (between 8 and 10) who meet on a monthly basis and will include the following:- 
2 hour monthly meeting via Teams and face to face when available. The monthly meeting will include the following: - 
Discussion on the challenges being faced by members of the group. Subjects for the group discussion will be submitted ahead of the meeting. 
Presentations and discussions from industry leading experts to help members in key areas such as self development, finance planning and more! 
Sharing of resources that will benefit the group. 
Action plans to take away 
Access to a closed LinkedIn and MS Teams site containing a growing resource portfolio aimed at helping members in their daily working lives 
1 hour monthly telephone call with Peter Storer or a member of The Fractional Group to talk through specific challenges and come out with an action plan 
Simply fill in your details below and will be in touch to talk more about the MHD Masterclass and start your journey. 
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