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Free easy to use template to help shape your future business 

Do you want a free, easy to use, template to help you visualise and plan for what it may look like in the short, medium and long term? 
Our free template helps you visialise what your business will look like around your people, process and technology. 
The template comes with an example already filled in so you can see straightaway how it helps plan for the future. 
Taking time to sit down and plan what your business will look like is a much more proactive way to work than reacting to the situation. 
Firstly it helps you galvanise your business strategy and align the growth inline with what you want to achieve from your business 
Secondly it allows you to start to think and plan the roles your people are going to play in that strategic vision. 
Before you can define what the future looks like you have to understand how it looks today. Without a clear starting point, you cannot determine the right changes you need to make and monitor them. 
A simple way to think of it is to plot it at a high level as shown on the left 
This is just an example but what is shows is how you can break the 3-year journey down into manageable activities each building on the last. Everyone’s journey will be different, so you need to think what are the high-level stages that take you to where you want to be (forward strategy). 
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