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We are living in a world where it has become so easy to connect with each other socially and within a business, but are we using it as effectively as we could? 
Businesses, in particular, are becoming globalised with employees who work from different locations and not just in the office, home being the obvious one. They can be in another country or continent so how do you make sure they are kept engaged and part of the global team? 
employees at companies can become disengaged due to lack of leadership or belief in corporate purpose, which is why collaborative tools and processes are so important. By using these types of tools issues like this can be corrected or avoided since the company is encouraging sharing, the capturing of knowledge, enabling action and empowering employees to become part of the company’s future. 
You don’t even need to look that far from your own company. If you have a sales force who are on the road for most of the year, how well do you and they collaborate on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? Do they feel they are part of the team or out in the cold? 
One of the areas where effective collaboration breaks down is when organisation grow through acquisition or alliances when each of the separate entities has different tools and technologies so true collaboration between them breaks down or becomes ineffective. 
The collaborative tools of today bring major value to innovative thinkers by echoing their goals, thoughts, notes, discussions, documents and brainstorming sessions to an entire company. There are many cloud based tools out there on the market such as Skype for Business, Instant Messenger, Yammer, Acello, Wrike and many many more but how effectively are the tools your organisation has being used? Do you feel you get the right communication and all the information you need is in an easily accessible central place? 
For example, I was talking to a Midlands based organisation that was made up of nine separate companies that have come together to deliver a series of projects but each of the nine companies used different email software, project planning and tracking, task management and sharing of information. The challenge they had was to how can they all contribute and share common information that is relevant to the alliance? 
Before any technology can be implemented then you need to understand what the problems are you are trying to solve (see the previous article “What Technology is right for my organisation” 
If you don’t feel your organisation is working as effective or as collaborative as it could be then it might be worth having an independent review to identify any gaps and provide the appropriate technology that is right for you. 
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