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An SME is only ever as successful as its own processes. After all, in many cases, your processes are all that separates you from your competitors. If you run a business, your USP isn’t necessarily what you do so much as how you do it. It’s your processes that provide the bare bones on which the customer or client experience is built.  
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Simply put, your business is your processes. 
With that in mind, it’s essential that they not only be fit for purpose but highly conducive to operational efficiency if they are to facilitate the sustainable growth that all business owners want to see. But changing your business processes is just like changing your diet, giving up smoking or getting into the habit of going to the gym 4 times a week… It gets a lot harder as you get more and more set in your ways. 
Doing what’s right… or doing what’s right now? 
The immediacy faced by the average startup is rarely conducive for establishing an outline for evergreen internal processes. When you’re starting out in business, it’s likely that you’re limited in resources and working with a modestly sized team. As such, you probably establish internal processes and operational procedures on the fly as and when they are needed. You don’t really have much time to dedicate to your ongoing strategy because your every waking moment is occupied by how you’re going to get through the day in one piece. The trouble is that the woods are not a great place to get a view of the trees. 
Your business is always evolving and its needs are ever-changing. Business owners need to pry themselves away from the coalface and get into their offices where they can parse the data that helps drive operational change. 
“That’s the way we’ve always done it!” 
When working with businesses, sometimes when we suggest new internal processes we hear the dread words “But that’s the way we’ve always done it”. When you establish a set of processes that allows you to keep your head above water, it’s tempting to cling to it like a life raft. Why? Because it’s the closest thing you have to a framework for success. But unless you can embrace new methods and processes, your efficiency will always be bottlenecked and your growth will always be impeded. Don’t let inefficient procedures lull you into a false sense of security or make you resistant to change. 
The power of perspective 
This is why so many businesses find themselves relying on consultants. They don’t just bring skills and experience to the table. They also bring an outsider’s valuable perspective. But don’t forget that useful perspectives can also come from within. Your staff are an invaluable source of ideas and suggestions. Because they live by your processes, they are perfectly placed to feedback to you on how well they work and how they can be improved. 
As a business owner, it’s up to you to ensure that they have a forum to express their views- whether it’s via Sharepoint sites, your intranet or even something as quotidian as a suggestion box. 
Not only can this be a useful source of great ideas, but it can also empower employees by reminding them that they play a vital role in shaping your company and that their success is your success. 
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