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Have you ever wondered why sometimes a project that sounded so promising, to begin with just fizzles out to nothing? 
Even projects with the potential to revolutionise the way a business runs can lose momentum and eventually linger incomplete. This loss of momentum is pretty common within organisations and can occur even when a project starts with high levels of engagement from all parties. 
Employee and stakeholder engagement is essential for a project to progress. Sustaining these high levels of engagement is vital for the project to reach a successful conclusion, but often keeping everyone motivated is the hardest part of the process. 
Low engagement levels often result in employees losing interest in the project and putting minimal effort into making it a success. Even just a few employees with low levels of engagement can create a domino effect throughout the team, causing drag and minimal progress being made. Once stakeholders have lost interest, it is then difficult to regain their interest and commitment. 
Here are some of the factors to consider to keep your employees and stakeholders engaged in a project from start to finish: 
A Clear Brief 
The absence of a clear project brief is a huge stumbling block to employee engagement. Employees are far more likely to engage fully with a project when they understand its specific purpose and the various steps that need to be taken to bring it to a successful conclusion. 
When a clear project brief is provided, it makes it easier for employees to stay motivated and engaged as the project progresses. 
Roles and Responsibilities 
Allocating specific roles and responsibilities to employees is an excellent way to ensure that they remain committed to the project and engaged in its ongoing progress. Without an exact role or responsibilities, it is all too easy for employees to drift along with the project without making any meaningful contribution. 
When individual roles and responsibilities are allocated, team members will be personally invested in a successful outcome and more likely to go the extra mile to ensure that this happens. 
Communication is one of the single most powerful tools within an organisation and is especially important when working on a project with numerous parties involved. Ensuring that communication is transparent is vital to maintain trust between all parties involved. Communicating clearly and keeping everyone up to date with developments will help to ensure that the project remains on track and working towards a successful completion. 
If you have an ongoing project that is no longer making progress or you are embarking on a new project and want to ensure that it is effectively managed, Green Giant Consulting can help. Using our vast experience and project management knowledge we can help to drive your project towards a successful outcome. You will benefit from a healthy return on your investment and a project that is up and running in a timely manner. 
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