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A Project Manager is a member of your organisation, tasked with leading specific large-scale projects. Ensuring clarity around the scope of work, onboarding and educating other individuals within the company, as well as managing timelines and budgets needed for completing the project successfully. 
A number of organisations have a Project Manager to deliver key initiatives. However, not all have the relevant knowledge and experience. Meaning your Project Manager may not be equipped to deal with the day to day tasks involved in project management. Having the right tools and techniques is one thing, but without the skills to put them into practice, projects are likely to suffer. 
Often Project Managers come through the ranks and have been given the title of ‘Project Manager’, many without having had any prior experience. This can be excellent for personal development, however, expecting an inexperienced member of the team to deliver a large scale project without having had the relevant experience can be detrimental for the organisation and the individual. The pressure involved in delivering a large scale project is enormous and without the right support, projects can easily stray off track. 
Understanding where your project managers are in their delivery maturity is crucial to the projects success. An independent assessment will show the current state of your delivery maturity and identify key focus areas that need to be improved moving forward. Not only will the assessment benefit your business, but will also assist the individuals personal development and increase confidence in their ability to project manage successfully. 
There are many benefits to knowing your delivery maturity, not least because if you are uncertain where issues lay, you are likely to spend time, effort, resources and money trying to fix the symptoms rather than identifying the root cause. By improving your delivery maturity, you will also improve the predictability and cost-effectiveness of the project execution. 
Using our expertise we can work with your organisation to identify your project managers delivery maturity. By providing an independent review of your company, we are able to identify any knowledge or skill gaps your project managers have. Our view is unbiased and neutral as we are not involved in the day to day running of your business. As a result of identifying any skill gaps, we can create and help you implement a clear plan that will help your project manager to deliver more successful projects. 
If your projects are becoming costly, overrunning and lacking quality we can help you with an independent review and offer you realistic recommendations. Once we have given our feedback we can begin to help your project manager, either through mentoring or training and pass on our extensive experience in project and programme delivery. 
If you would like to talk to us about your projects, please get in touch to book a complimentary initial 2-hour consultation. You can call us on 0844 259 6210 or visit our Contact page. 
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