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Businesses all over the world have gone through some unique and significant changes this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 
There are many alterations you might have seen in your company, but one that has affected almost every business is working from home. You have almost certainly sent people home with the instruction to work from home as much as possible, and in all likelihood that threw up some technical difficulties. 
But have you considered how difficult it might be to get things back to normal once all this is over? 
Back To In-House Working 
Once the world unpauses, one of the things that will happen in your business is the recall of staff to work in the office once again. But depending on how long it will have been by that point, that might be harder than you think to achieve, and you might find that people struggle to get back into the swing of things. In particular, returning your IT systems back to normal. The time this takes will depend on how many technical changes were required to help your staff work from home, you will need to account for these changes when returning to work as normal in the office. 
The Right Procedures 
It is a good idea to start planning now for when this happens so that you are as well-prepared as possible. That should help you to keep your business running smoothly and avoid any unwanted problems in the meantime, although it is worth looking at the type of procedures you might need to follow, to help your staff return to work without too many problems. A significant part of this is ensuring that your IT is ready to deal with the sudden influx of people and the heavy load that this can place on your systems - not to mention what will happen when you start getting customers regularly again. Make sure you have thought about what procedures you need in place before you do anything else. 
What It Takes To Get Back To Normal 
One of the key things you need to consider is security. How much did you have to change in order to ensure the security of your data whilst your staff worked from home? If the answer is a lot, how will you go back to before - and can you do so safely? Another key point to consider, have you made sure that you still have the support network you need to keep your systems up and running with the sudden increase in usage that there is going to be? If you are not certain of this, then you are going to struggle to keep the IT intact and the return to work may be disrupted. 
To be sure of a smooth transition from remote working to office working, you need to think about getting in touch with someone like Green Giant Consulting. They will be able to use their expertise to inform you of what you specifically need to do when the world unpauses. 
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