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Are you an MHD in your organisation? 
What is an MHD you may ask? It is an acronym for a Multi Hatted Director. 
Effectively, it means that you’re covering lots of different roles within your enterprise. For example you look after Finance, Operations, Delivery etc. Does this sound like you? 
If so then you are one of many MHD's in lots of small and medium organisations. You lack the financial prowess of bigger companies, meaning you don’t have the luxury of hiring individuals to take on these roles for you. As a result, you find yourself as head of project management, dealing with taxes and bookkeeping, working with the IT network, and so on. 
It sounds like a rewarding way to live your life. You’re always busy, so there’s no danger of being bored. Plus, you feel like you accomplish something every day as you’re completing so many different tasks. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of pressure that comes with this approach to directorship. It’s not as rewarding as it seems, and it can actually damage your business through lack of focus. 
A lack of experience 
The main problem is that you probably lack experience in a lot of the roles that you take on. Most directors have one or two areas of expertise that they’ve been working in for a long time. This could be project management, marketing, accounting - you name it. 
Regardless, you’re in a position where you’re handling tasks that you don’t have much experience doing. As such, the quality of your output is probably a lot lower than it can be. In turn, this adds extra pressure on your shoulders as you know you have to try and work super hard to reach high standards. Ultimately, this leads to the following problem… 
A high chance of burnout 
Burnout is a term that describes someone who works way too hard every single day, to the point where they basically collapse. The pressure of wearing many hats can cause burnout so easily. Think about it, you’re working tirelessly all the time to try and juggle so many different tasks. Not only that, but you’re also trying to do things that you’re not an expert in, meaning it’s far harder than usual. 
Eventually, you will have a mental or physical breakdown. You’ll reach a stage where you can’t keep doing all of this work as it is just too much. As a consequence, your business will end up suffering as you can’t do all the tasks that you’ve taken on. Things come to a standstill, the money dries up, and you’re in a very tough situation. 
The solution? Outsource! 
How can you lighten the pressure of being a MHD? It’s simple, start taking a few of these hats off! As a director of an SME, you have to focus on your own strengths. What are you good at? More specifically, what are you better at than anyone else? Wearing too many hats means you lose sight of your strengths and push them to the side while all the other tasks take up your time. Solve this problem by outsourcing some of the tasks that aren’t your strengths. Find companies or individuals that can do these things to a much higher standard than you can. Now, you’re free to focus on the things that you’re an expert on! 
Don’t let the pressure of wearing many hats get you down. Take a look at our MHD Masterclass, if you’re looking to lighten the burden, then Green Giant can help you out. We provide IT consultancy services for SMEs, giving you one less thing to worry about. With our team taking care of this area of your business, you’re able to work on your strengths and focus on growing it to meet the company strategy. 
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