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As we all are now fully aware the way we work has changed drastically over the last year as many businesses were forced from their long-term traditional office environments into bedrooms, kitchen worktops and dining tables. 
Lots of businesses around were quickly and successfully able to deploy emergency measures and keep running with little or no impact. Some didn’t embrace it and have suffered as a result. This brought its challenges and now is the time to look at the longer-term strategy for your business and what does that mean. 
What now seems to be a common topic when talking with a multitude of businesses is the same. What they are looking at is continued Hybrid working
What began as a quick fix to accommodate social distancing requirements and government restrictions, has now become part of the world of work for the future. This is what normality is becoming so businesses need to embrace it and think beyond WFH to be Work From Anywhere (WFA) initiatives to ensure success and growth for the future. 
What does WFA mean for businesses 
Beyond WFH the Work From Anywhere (WFA) era demands business leaders think about long-term innovation and strategy in ways they perhaps haven’t before now. A great digital employee experience is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s a ‘must have’. In fact, research shows that a high percentage of employee’s now rate “providing a better user experience” as a top strategic priority as we come out of the pandemic. 
There are still challenges with internet connectivity and getting the ‘robotic voices’ or missed conversations because it lost connection on the Zoom or Teams calls. 
It is now very important that your strategy, along with your IT team/provider needs to prioritise delivering great, consistent digital experience to employees, no matter where they’re working from. It could in the office, at home, in a coffee shop, on a beach or halfway up a mountain. The experience needs to feel the same wherever they are. 
The majority of employees now have moved away from the traditional desktop sat in the office to laptops, mobile phones, and tablets as the primary source of connection to your business so utilise them and the current digital technologies to provide a great WFA strategy. 
However, with this emphasis on digital and long-term hybrid working comes a whole host of new considerations: 
The increasing requirement for end-user engagement and feedback 
Enabling and improving digital experiences for employees working from anywhere 
The changing role of the latest technology such as automation and AI in driving these digital employee experiences 
What metrics (KPIs) your teams need to keep in mind to achieve success 
How to identify, diagnose, and remediate digital experience issues as they arise and look to improve as time goes on and we learn more. 
With the above points in mind, take time for a deep and inward look and ask yourself the following; 
Is my business really ready to enable the best employee experience required when working from anywhere? 
Are we as a management team and businesses truly ready to succeed in a hybrid work world? 
Preparing for WFA success in a digital world 
WFA brings with it a huge range of business benefits. For example, it allows for your business to diversify and innovate and potentially reach new markets. It also allows you to fish into a global talent pool and not just those within a certain range of a central head office. 
Failure to prepare long-term digital experience strategies and enable hybrid working could lead to larger problems, such as less productive and disengaged employees. They may also look at what your competitors are providing so you could potentially loose good employees. 
If you want to explore more WFA concepts and how it can beenfit your organisation, Green Giant Consulting can help. Using our vast experience and implementing digital strategy we can help to drive your business towards a successful outcome. You will benefit from greater efficiences and an egaged workforce. 
Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation by calling 0115 888 3220 or emailing enquires@greengiantconsulting.co.uk today. 
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