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The events of COVID-19 have certainly forced a lot of businesses to adapt to a remote-working lifestyle, and for many, that posed quite the challenge. 
However, it’s an event that has questioned many things, including the role of the IT Director or CIO within a company. 
This is a role that needs to change and adapt in order to cope with situations like a pandemic and the range of long-term global, economic, and organisational issues that these individuals are facing in said roles. 
A Need For Constant Awareness Of The Market 
CIOs and IT Directors need to have a constant awareness of how the market continues to change. It’s something that changes at such a pace that it can be hard to keep up. It’s how they can use technology in order to create a business that can adapt and is flexible enough to move with the market itself. Whether that’s the role of a builder of an ecosystem or by participating in multiple ones, it’s important to be experimenting and running various business models to see which ones work best. It’s all about knowing different platforms and how the cloud and innovative technologies like AI, for example, can be utilised by the company. 
Even though this role doesn’t make the decisions for the business alone, developing these visions should be something that a CIO or IT Director is involved with. 
Their Influence Over A Company’s Future Growth 
With any business, the need for growth is essential, especially within such a highly competitive and changing society. CIOs and IT Directors play a role in their influence over a company’s growth, and therefore, they need to understand how to make changes across the whole organisation and not just in their own IT department. A simple change to the business can involve culture and process changes, policy changes, and even contract changes for employees, customers, and suppliers. Having a commercial understanding and knowledge is key to helping influence positive growth for the company now and in the future. 
Does Your CIO/IT Director Have Those Skills? 
As the digital transformation of business evolves, it’s essential that your CIO or IT Director has the skills and knowledge to help not only empower the IT department but that of all departments within the company. It’s important that they create the digital backbone needed to move towards these hybrid cloud scenarios and to also create new operating models. They must sharpen up their business skills and to further build their relationships with other members of senior staff like the CEOs and General Managers of the business. Collaboration together must happen if your business wants to continue to develop and grow successfully. Therefore, the role of your CIO or IT Director is and should be changing for the sake of your business. If a proposal is being put forward by someone in this position, understanding the impact across the whole organisation is necessary. 
Look at what can be done for your CIO or IT Director because they may be lacking the skills and knowledge needed to make positive change. 
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