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Many organisations and people within those organisations try to find the solution before they know the root of the problem. 
Before any solution can be found, understanding what the problems are is key to getting the right resolution that fixes that problem and brings efficiencies over the longer term. 
While it can be tempting to jump ahead, you really need to get to the root of the issue if your business is to flourish. 
When you start with the root cause of a problem, it enables you to explore the many different solutions that could help you to resolve this problem. You open yourself up to all of the possible solutions, without getting attached to one in particular. If you were to head to the solution first, you would be focused on this solution only, and you wouldn’t even consider the other options that are available to you. This means you could miss out on something that would serve your business more effectively. 
For example, if you want to open up your business to international customers. You need to think about all of the different barriers and hurdles that are in the way of your doing this at the moment. You will then be able to look at all of the solutions for each of these hurdles, working out which one is going to be the most effective. This should enable you to take international customers on an effective journey, which ultimately leads them to purchasing from your business. If you started with the solution first, you would not have defined your business’ or your customers’ needs, and there would be major holes in your solution. After all, every business is different, and so you need to start with the problem if you are to work out what is going to be right for you. 
Think about UX design. This always starts with a problem. All of the effective design processes used today start with a discover and define phase. This is where designers get all of the insights they need into the potential problems, so that they can really drill into these issues and create something that solves them. 
Starting with the problem is a huge part of the process when it comes to getting things right. Not only do you need to consider what the problem is, but who it impacts, where it happens, when it happens, and why you need to solve it. Identifying and defining the problem will then put you in a position to solve it with the right solution. 
So there you have it: it is always critical to start with the problem. This is imperative because it enables you to look at all of the different solutions that can help you to resolve this issue so that you can hone in on the one that is going to be the most effective. From opening to new markets to customer journey pinch points; you always need to make sure you start with the pain points. 
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