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Technology plays an invaluable and unavoidable role in every business operating in the world today. 
No matter the scale of the company in question, there are always going to be a range of technological aids and techniques which are being employed as a means of ensuring that the business operates smoothly. But because of the speed at which these things develop and change, you need to make sure that you are still doing things in the best, most appropriate way possible. 
That means changing your approaches, your skillset and your assumptions in the face of a more collaborative technological age. Let’s look at this in some detail. 
How You Work 
First of all, it’s important that you understand and get to grips with how it is that you work at the moment in your business. You might need some help in really stepping back to appreciate this a lot more, but it is nonetheless a process that you are going to find particularly important. You might soon discover that there are many things you do which are no longer necessary, either because you are still acting as though the old technology is in place or because you have old habits which just don’t do much anymore. Take a real, long look at these things, and ask yourself if in any way you are failing to change with the tides. Are your processes still all relevant? 
It Only Takes One Or Two 
Once you come around to the idea that you might need to start changing how you do things, you might feel that you are somewhat overwhelmed by how much there is to suddenly do. However, in truth, it only takes one or two members of staff to get the ball rolling on this kind of change, and all you need to do is to choose them well. If you can empower one or two people in your business to start making these new changes and reskilling, you will soon find that others follow suit - including yourself. This is an important way to make sure that you are keeping up with the latest technology, and that your processes are all relevant. In this way, everyone’s role will become more effective and productive. 
Using Technology To Your Advantage 
The whole point of all the advancements in technology is that you should be trying to use them to your advantage as much as possible. Rather than merely avoiding them or wanting to shun them, see what they might be able to do for you. You might find that you need a decent fractional IT director to really help you get there, of course - but the important thing is that you work in that direction. Used properly, many kinds of technology can improve or automate your processes, in turn freeing up your time, reducing stress and improving morale, and keeping your business moving in the right direction. 
Make sure that you are rolling with the punches when it comes to technological changes. If you do that, your business will be much healthier indeed. 
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