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As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a big change for businesses of all sizes. There have been changes to methods of working, with the majority working remotely, and a number of activities that need to be coordinated and mobilised to fit the new way of working. The need to plan properly is key, but it can be a challenge to realign your projects with new ways of doing things. Some workforces might have limited capacity at the moment, and some areas of business will be refocused on other areas, in order to meet an increase in demand in a certain area. So what can be done to help? 
Review existing projects 
One of the first things that need to be looked at as we start a new way of working, is looking at the existing projects that you will have had pre-pandemic. Project management is so important at the moment, and these need to be reviewed to make sure that they are still going to work and meet the benefits that were outlined in the original business case. Failing to deliver on some key projects or services can have a detrimental impact on stakeholders, but in light of the current situation, assessing what needs to carry on, or what needs to be changed, is vital. 
Due to the pandemic, you might not have the right skilled team or resources in order to deliver your current projects, or any current approaches might not be working effectively to help to achieve success or simply not working to deliver any value. As a result, as part of reviewing existing projects, you need to think about if the benefits of the existing projects are aligned to new strategies that you now have as a result of the pandemic. If the answers are that they are not aligned, then those are the projects that need to be stopped. At a time like this, when efficiency, effectiveness, and costs are so precious, the focus should only be on projects that are going to bring short term gain to your business, as well as longer-term gain. 
Customer interaction 
As well as thinking about the day to day running of your business, and how your team are all working, how you interact with customers may have changed as a result of the pandemic, and this also needs to be realigned with your new business strategies. Any new projects that you have to need to align with the customer journey, so that is important to consider. 
In high-pressure situations that SMEs are all facing at the moment, it is important to recognise just how difficult it can be to be able to maintain the project and programme plans. As we have seen, things can change quickly, but without some plans, it can be hard to understand the priority of tasks and how to deploy them. This can lead to wrong business decisions that are made, and in the end, leading to projects and goals that are not being achieved. 
If you are looking for help with your business, then we have a long track record of successfully delivering programmes to help businesses, whether that is IT strategy or project management. Our tried and tested processes are put in place to deliver efficient and effective outputs, to help your business to implement best practice and improve strategy. Get in touch with us today for more information. 
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