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There are a lot of IT companies out there which like to take a one size fits all approach with their work. They don’t tailor their services to work best for the businesses they’re being hired by, instead of using the same methods and tools as they would use on any job. 
Here at Green Giant Consulting, we take a different path. Each of our projects is specifically built around the client it is being made for, ensuring that you can improve your competitiveness and meet the desired outcomes you’ve had for your IT. Why exactly do we believe that this is so important, though? 
Affordability/Financial Efficiency 
Money often ends up being wasted when a generic approach is taken with a businesses’ IT work. It’s unlikely that you’ll need exactly the same tools and support as the other clients your IT provider has, and this means that when they charge you to add them to your business you will be paying for something you don’t need. You will only spend exactly what you need to when you have a project tailored to your business, making your IT both more affordable and financially efficient. 
Meeting Your IT Goals 
The goals you have for your IT systems are crucial when it comes to crafting a project which meets your needs perfectly. For example, you may find your team struggling to work with the machines and software they have been given. If our team is aware of this, they can work to provide simplified systems and software which will make it easier for them to do their job, or offer training which will improve your team. This enables you to break the barriers which can be caused by an IT system, making it work for your business rather than forcing your team to work for it. 
It can be easy to look at business competition as something which happens out in the open. Companies will compete to create the best products and services, the most successful marketing campaigns, and for the largest customer groups. Of course, though, if you’re being slowed down by the IT within your company, it will be a lot harder to compete in any of these areas. A crafted project will solve this problem, removing the IT issues within your business to make way for increased productivity and competitiveness. Even something simple, like improving an email system, can have a dramatic effect on your team’s ability to work quickly and to a high standard. 
We don’t consider ourselves a simple service provider. Having worked with countless different companies, we have a wealth of experience in the field of IT support and consulting, and have worked extremely hard to build a reputation as an ally in this space. The results speak for themselves when an approach like this is taken, and we’re proud to take each of our projects on as something new, rarely doing the same work on any two jobs. 
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