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To establish a successful supplier-client relationship it is important for the supplier to move beyond their role and to become a long-term trusted partner instead. 
How is that possible? Here at Green Giant Consulting, we believe there are many ways to prove how we can achieve this goal. 
Getting to know our clients 
When we start to work with our clients, we not only aim to meet the needs they present to us. We get to know our clients at a level where we can anticipate their needs, even discover needs they didn’t know they had and offer to fulfil them as well. 
This includes getting to know our clients’ company cultures, their vision, their goals, objectives and priorities. 
We bring a wealth of contacts to the table that help us to provide a ‘virtual toolbox’. These contacts can add value in all areas of our clients’ businesses. This ensures we become our clients’ ‘go-to’ resource for any need they may have. 
Always over-deliver 
It makes good business sense to do what you say you’re going to do. In order to be successful, that’s an absolute minimum. Too many businesses fail at this basic hurdle. But to grow into a trusted partner you need to do more than that. You need to over deliver and delight your clients whenever possible. This not only ensures that your clients are happy and want to nurture that partnership with you, it also means they feel confident in recommended your services to others. 
We make sure we go out of our way to solve clients’ problems by listening to their concerns and adapting our approach accordingly. 
Collaboration vs transaction 
To become a trusted partner, it is important to work together, not just see the relationship as a one-off transaction. We understand our clients’ decision-making processes through all levels of their organisation, even at board level and are able to provide support throughout. 
Communication is key 
Another important element is communication. This means keeping in regular contact to inform our clients about important milestones, providing feedback or simply sharing valuable knowledge. An open dialogue is key for a successful trusted partnership. 
Depending on practicality as well as client preference we hold regular in-person meeting or communicate via Skype or phone calls. During project times, the frequency will be dialled up to make sure clients are informed every step of the way. This ensures our clients are always aware of progress made as well as any challenges we might be encountering and nothing comes as a surprise. 
Our aim is to be seen as a long-term trusted partner whose contributions are viewed as key to our clients’ long-term success. 
If this is the kind of partnership you seek with your Project Management or IT Strategist, and have any further questions, please get in touch on 0844 259 6210 or via our Contacts page. 
You can also contact me via LinkedIn, please view my profile Peter Storer, Fractional IT Director
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