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With more and more news stories reporting on cyber threats such as phishing emails or ransomware, it has become increasingly important to educate your employees on cyber security. 
Employees are unfortunately the greatest source of vulnerability that even sophisticated technology can’t solve. About 80% of attacks happen through human error. You can invest in the most expensive and up-to-date cyber security system, but if your employees’ online behaviour isn’t safe, you will still be open to attacks. 
Here are the three main areas that your employees need training in. 

Recognising and dealing with phishing emails 

Incoming emails are one of the top threats for companies. Teach your employees to recognise phishing emails and the proper procedure to deal with them. It only takes one click for a virus to infect your whole system, so it’s best to be overly cautious when anything doesn’t seem right. This could be language, suspicious links, dubious requests for information, anything that sets off alarm bells. 

Safe behaviour while out and about or travelling 

Using mobile devices such as phones, tablets or laptops has made our work much easier, more efficient and enabled remote working. Unfortunately, this also comes with its own dangers. Give your employees detailed guidance about the use of public Wi-Fi. Educate them about using VPN (virtual private networks) to keep your data secure and reduce the risk of being hacked in public. 

Proper use of passwords 

Remembering passwords can be tricky as more and more applications require you to login. Many people use the same, or at least very similar passwords across all their activities whether they are private or for work. This can lead to great vulnerabilities when it comes to the cyber security of your business. Once one password has been hacked, it can then open the doors to everything else in that person’s life, including your organisation’s data. 
Impress on your staff to keep separate passwords for home and work and to make them memorable but difficult to guess. Multi-word phrases work well as they are much harder to hack. You could also introduce password managers that will do some of the heavy lifting for your employees. 

How to educate your staff 

When it comes to educating your staff, it is important to be proactive. Promote the right ethos and provide good education to avoid losing company data or being taken ransom by hackers. 
Send out regular information about cyber security 
Conduct relevant workshops 
Have an eLearning module as part of the new employee induction process 

How Green Giant Consulting can help 

We can advise on cyber security as part of our IT Consultancy services. 
Get in touch and find out how our IT Consultancy services could help your business. You can call us on 0844 259 6210 or visit our Contact Page to book your FREE initial review. 
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