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Project evaluation for success
At the end of a project, it is very tempting to move straight onto the next one. It’s finished, it’s done, why dwell on it. But it is important to learn from finished projects whether that’s what went well or what could have gone better. 
Most project management methodologies have the creation of a project evaluation document as the very last stage. This document often gets created but shelved immediately without taking any learnings from it. 

Why project evaluations are important 

Learning from project evaluations ensures that your company is as effective as it can be. It can help to design more achievable and measurable objectives as well as monitor the progress towards these objectives more efficiently and effectively. 
Evaluating can help you to identify areas for improvement. If the document is presented to all stakeholders, lessons can be truly learned. 

What’s in a project evaluation 

A thorough project evaluation will contain what went well, what didn't go so well, supplierperformance, Costs analysis (original budget vs actuals) and shouldn't be a finger pointing exercise but a true leaning experience. 
Here is a sample list of topics for a thorough project evaluation: 
Project justification 
Risks to achievement of project 
Support of stakeholders 
Implementation strategy 
Work programme 
Project management 
Oversight and governance 
Assessment of major deliverables 
Coordination with related projects 
Risks to execution of work plan 

Don’t just file your evaluations away, use them 

Project evaluations assist in determining the degree to which objectives have been achieved. They identify problems associated with planning and implementation as well as generate a host of data that allow for learning for future projects. These learnings can lead to better designed projects and enhanced project management. 
Don’t let your project evaluations just be ‘Shelfware’. Put them to good use to improve your processes, increase your efficiency and better assess the impact of your projects. 

How Green Giant Consulting can help 

As your organisation grows, business process and technological change is inevitable and often contains added complexity. These changes need to be monitored and controlled to ensure a successful outcome and to maximise your return on investment. It is therefore not unreasonable to suggest that the best vehicle to achieve these changes is via a project. If it’s not managed correctly, however, it can introduce greater risk. 
With this in mind, please consider for a moment: 
Are your projects delivering the benefits and return on investment that you expect? 
Do you know the true status of your projects in terms of time, cost and quality? 
Are you monitoring and controlling your projects effectively? 
If you have answered ‘No’ to any of these questions you may wish to consider implementing a structured Project Management methodology including a thorough project evaluation. 
Please get in touch for a complimentary 2-hour Project & Programme Management Consultancy session to see how we can help. You can contact Green Giant Consulting today on 0844 259 6210 or visit our Project & Programme Management Consultancy contact page. 
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