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Customer Journey Mapping
As a business grows and more customers come on board time should be taken to understand what the journey your customers experience is like. What are the challenges they have in finding your service/product and could they be improved? This is where Customer Journey Mapping comes in. 

What is customer journey mapping? 

A customer journey map (CJM) is a visual representation of every touchpoint and interaction your customers have with your business. It starts with the first time the customers hears/learns about your services or products all the way to when they cease to be a customer. CJMs also show the level of (dis)satisfaction in these interactions and are a great tool to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. 
Using CJMs in your business provides a wide variety of benefits 
Gives you an overview of all your customers’ touchpoints with your business 
Provides an insight into customer needs at the different stages 
Gives an insight into your sales process and whether everything happens in a logical order 
Showing you shortfalls between desired and actual customer experience 
Highlighting areas for improvement 

How to create a journey map 

A CJM is always created from the customers’ point of view. Ideally you invite existing customers into the creation process, maybe in the form of a workshop. It is important to include every department that deals with customers, however remotely. Colleagues from marketing, sales, finance, account management, logistics, helpdesk, etc. all need to work together to create a valuable journey map. Senior management who rarely deal with customers directly also need to attend as it is their decisions that impact customer experience. 
A simplified journey could be as follows:  
simple customer journey
The aim is to create a visual representation of all touchpoints. One way this can be achieved is through a table design (see graphic below). 
By Rosenfeld Media from Brooklyn, USA - SD053: Figure 5.14, CC BY 2.0, 
As you can see, the CJM includes not only activities but also how the customers experience each step including what they think and how they feel about each step. This can be achieved by taking a member of staff through the buying cycle (‘put yourself in their shoes’) or inviting existing customers for their feedback. 
When analysing what the journey ACTUALLY looks like, take a step back and think 'how would I want to be treated and what would I like to see?' This then provides your business with areas for improvements. You can also look at it with sales/marketing eyes to see if there are missed opportunities for upselling or cross promoting. 

How Green Giant Consulting can help 

Our services have been designed to help organisations make the right changes to ensure that they are more efficient and ready to grow by providing long-term scalable solutions to the unique challenges they’re facing. 
Please get in touch for a complimentary 2-hour Process Improvement Consultancy session to see how we can help. You can contact Green Giant Consulting today on 0844 259 6210 or visit our Contact page. 
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