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As your business continues to develop, it can be a challenge to keep track of your original small business goals. When you first emerge onto the market, you will likely be working with a comparatively small customer base. At this point, it’s a lot easier to ensure that you are providing a quality service with an excellent level of customer support and interaction. However, that changes as your business expands. 
You begin to focus on how to handle a larger audience while still getting the sales you require. Often, this can diminish the customer experience significantly. This is particularly true when businesses look for ways to make it easier for customers to complete a transaction. 
Indeed, a lot of businesses these days are investing money into interactive video response (IVR) systems. On the surface, this makes sense. It saves money, by reducing the number of employees needed for customer support and allows them to focus their time elsewhere. 
Do IVR Systems Work? 
One the most basic level, IVR systems do work. You can set them up so that businesses can proceed by pressing buttons. Ideally, they will only interact with a human employee when absolutely necessary. But is it the right choice for your business and is it going to deliver a quality customer experience? Arguably, the answer is no. 
Though it may seem like a fresh concept for your business, this is an old, and somewhat outdated solution. It can be both confusing and frustrating. This is going to cause delays and in your sales funnel as well as leaks. It’s possible you will lose a lot of clients, purely because you have made it too difficult for customers to complete business transactions. 
What Is The Right Solution? 
While IVR systems are not the right answer, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid the concept of technology. On the contrary, you should instead be exploring more advanced software options, such as AI and Chatbots. 
Chatbots are a fantastic way to ensure that it’s easy for customers to buy and you to make a sale. They can be set up to answer key questions a customer could have. Instead, of searching for an answer, they can find it within seconds. A chatbot can also immediately send a user to a sales or products page when the transaction can be completed. 
You should also be exploring the latest AI software. The issue with IVR systems is that they don’t replicate the experience of interacting with a human employee. Customers are highly aware that they are interacting with a piece of software. The latest AI options blur these lines. The more human the experience when customers make a purchase, the more likely they are going to be pleased with the final result. 
Ultimately, you should be focusing on what you want to gain from your experiences with a business. This is the best way to see your company through the eyes of your customers. If you ensure that you are offering your customers the experience you would want when buying from your business, you will already be on the right path. 
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