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The role of IT in business has evolved in a very significant manner over the past 30 years, not least over the last decade. Virtually all companies now utilise and heavily rely on IT in a very big way. 
Unfortunately, many of them continue to follow the outdated protocol of running their IT infrastructure as a separate entity. In today’s climate, it simply HAS to be embedded within the company’s DNA. 
The changing face of IT in business 
Once upon a time (OK, literally 20 years ago), the use of computers in most organisations was limited to internal matters. Computers were used to make spreadsheets, log interactions, manage internal emails, and calculate figures relating to money, stock, and other features. Nowadays, IT is used for so much more. 
In addition to internal communications, IT is an ongoing gateway to client interactions while it can also be used to automate processes and equipment while managing remote-based teams. When implemented correctly, it can transform virtually every aspect of the operation to increase the efficiency of time and money while additionally promoting increased security and the removal of human errors. 
From accounting to zonal pricing, computer technology is now used in virtually all aspects of business. Thanks to this evolution of dependence, it’s only logical that it requires a modern strategy. 
The benefits of embedding IT into your business 
Embedding your IT into the operation is a far smarter solution. It essentially revolves around the concept of incorporating various technologies, software, and strategies into each aspect of the company so that you achieve a more organic approach to IT. This produces far better results than the outdated method of providing IT as a separate service. 
By embedding IT into the business, you can reap many rewards, including but not limited to; 
Tailored to the objectives and vision of your business, 
A more efficient approach for the individual departments, 
Greater automation and communication between departments, 
Organic scalability that will automatically grow alongside the business 
Any issues with IT used by a specific department will be localised 
The modern approach to IT solutions is the only answer and will produce the best results for your finances, productivity, sustainability, and sanity. Now is the time to make the change. 
How to embed IT into the business 
No two businesses are identical, which is why it’s crucial to find a personalised winning formula for your organisation. However, there are many steps that can be used to make IT an organic part of your business rather than an outside entity. 
Some of the most effective options include; 
Incorporating cloud facilities such as SaaS and PaaS services, 
Using digital communications between on-site and off-site facilities and employees, 
Exploring the concepts of augmented and virtual reality, 
Centralising core data to make better-informed business decisions 
Utilise tech devices that interact with one another through Bluetooth and wireless connections, 
Continually investing in staff training so that all employees can utilise the latest and appropriate technologies. 
It can sound daunting, but the operations should run smoothly once the initial installations are made.  
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