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Your business is going to encounter change. Fact. No matter how well you plan things, your business will undergo changes, for better or for worse. As your business evolves, it will grow, lose people, gain new personalities, expand across new countries, and face hardships along the way. 
The only constant in life is change, so if you run a business or are starting a new one, you need to be prepared for it. 
The way in which you deal with change will bleed out into the whole fabric of your business. Change inevitably brings stress, even if the change is positive; if your business undergoes expansion and turns more profit, along comes greater responsibility with it. As a business owner or manager, your attitude to change must be capable and resilient; if you allow change to blindside, overcome or drown you, your team, and your business, will suffer. 
How Do I Positively Engage With Change? 
Change is scary - but it is ever-constant, and we have to get used to it. It takes habitual practice and years of persistence to be able to see change in a positive light and engage with it head-on. Here is how you start. 
Let us use the coronavirus pandemic as an example of an abrupt change. This pandemic was impossible to prepare for; nobody saw it coming. So how can you engage with it in a positive way? 
The first rule of positively engaging with change is by bringing everyone with you. Keep everyone on board. Some bosses feel as if they should keep their team in the dark about the hazards of such a thing as COVID-19 for the business; this is not a good idea. Share the load. This does not mean burdening your team with your worries, but instead, being honest about what might be on the horizon. This honesty will help your team members feel important; they are instrumental in surviving the change that is coming. Keeping your team, stakeholders and customers engaged and involved will allow them to prepare themselves personally for the change, and therefore to contribute more productively to the effort of surviving it. 
Secondly, positively engaging with change can be much more easily achieved with good organisation. Running a well-oiled machine doesn’t happen on its own; you need to set an example of positive engagement and organisation daily. Give off the attitude that there is no challenge too great, and your team will feel that way. Meanwhile, your customers and stakeholders will feel well taken care of, secure in the knowledge that your business can and will tackle any problem head-on. 
Change is going to happen, whether you are on board or not. As a leader, you can embed effective change by managing your team in a positive, calm, engaged way. Ultimately, you will never get through a severe change if you try to take it on alone; training, organising and supporting your team will yield much more powerful results. 
If you believe that your processes need to be updated or reviewed at these challenging times, then why not contact us today for some unbiased advice? Call us on 0115 888 3220 or visit www.greengiantconsulting.co.uk to book a free initial 2-hour consultation. 
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