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The past weeks have been a challenging experience for businesses. In these unprecedented circumstances, even the most seasoned of Many-Hatted Directors (MHD) will be understandably perplexed about what the future holds for their business. 
While the future may seem uncertain, the gradual process of unpausing the world has begun. This means that businesses are starting to reopen their doors. In this article, we will examine the steps that your business needs to begin making in readiness for reopening. Returning to ‘normal’ won’t be an option for a long time even after the world has unpaused completely. Instead, your business will need to navigate its way through the ‘new normal’ while facing the challenges that this brings. 
To ensure that you are not simply pushed from pillar to post when your business reopens you need to take a proactive approach. Being proactive requires you to have processes in place which reflect the new normal, and a plan on how you are going to ensure that your business thrives despite the challenging circumstances. 
Preparing Your IT 
Having every employee working from home at short notice was one of the most significant challenges when the lockdown began. This overhaul in the way that your business works, was likely to have created many IT challenges. Now that businesses are reopening your IT capabilities will need to be revisited again, as you begin to bring your operation back into the office environment. This is a huge undertaking and requires careful planning to get it right. Without careful planning, your data will be vulnerable to security breaches and GDPR issues. 
To provide a seamless transition from your employees working from home to being back in the office, you need an expert to oversee the IT side of your business unpausing. Seeking the services of a Fractional IT Director at Green Giant Consulting will help to take the stress of IT issues off your plate, which frees you up to focus your energy elsewhere in the business. 
Assess Your Workload 
Since the country went into self-isolation, much has changed, so even when the world is unpaused, things will be different. To enable you to plan your workload and understand the status of your existing jobs, you will need to assess your workload. Checking in with your suppliers and your customers will help you to gain an understanding of your current position, and from here, you can begin planning for the future. 
If you have lost clients due to the coronavirus pandemic, then it is better to find this out sooner rather than later. It is a wise idea to speak with your clients to gain a first-hand understanding of their current position. You may find that your business needs to change to be sustainable in this challenging time, and you may need to diversify your offering. Diversifying your services is a big project and requires careful project management.  
Green Giant Consulting can provide you with a professional project management service to ensure that your project is successful. 
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