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The world of business is often described as chaotic. This is, quite simply, due to the fact that you never truly know what is around the corner.  
With changes coming in thick and fast (sometimes on a daily basis), you have to develop the ability to respond to problems quickly and efficiently. As a result, many business owners often find themselves focused solely on the ‘now’ - dealing with present issues instead of putting plans in place that could allow them a steadier future. 
For example, as we continue to deal with the global pandemic, many companies are (rightly) focusing on their response to the issues surrounding the pandemic, such as employee safety, and how to mitigate any financial losses. However, it is also important that you begin to look to the future to ensure the company’s longevity. 
This means that moving forward when resolving an issue; you should try to predict any problems that may occur further down the line, and begin implementing plans that can minimise their impact. Here is a great example. 
Problem: I am struggling to bring in new customers. 
Immediate solution: The Covid-19 pandemic will undoubtedly continue to have an adverse effect on public spending habits, particularly if non-essential shops remain closed. However, there are many ways in which you can connect with new customers without meeting them face to face. This includes: 
Developing a social media presence. 
Use your social media channels to host a competition, which will bring in new followers that you can turn into customers. 
Setting up a website and an online shop. 
Selling your products on a range of different established websites. 
Running paid promotions online, tailored towards a specific target audience who would like/enjoy your products or services. 
Issues that could arise from this: Developing your online presence can significantly increase your revenue, but could also put unprecedented strain on your company if you are suddenly inundated with orders that you cannot meet. For example, you may be bombarded by calls or emails that you cannot immediately answer, or you may not be able to meet the supply and demand of your products. 
Long term solutions: There are numerous procedures you can put in place to help protect your business from being overwhelmed, whilst subsequently allowing your company to grow. This includes: 
Starting small with your online shop, offering a limited stock so that you can track sales/spending patterns and stock/produce products accordingly. 
Set up a separate email for online purchase enquiries. 
Hire a member of staff who is solely responsible for managing online sales. 
Ensure you are up to date with international trading laws and shipping costs if your clients are set to reach a global market. 
Use previous sales data to predict ‘busy periods’; for example, e-commerce sites often see a spike in sales around Christmas. 
Ensure that your website functions properly, and will not crash if too many people view it at once (i.e. during a product drop). 
If you have an ongoing project that is no longer making progress or you are embarking on a new project and want to ensure that it is effectively managed, Green Giant Consulting can help. Using our vast experience and project management knowledge we can help to drive your project towards a successful outcome. You will benefit from a healthy return on your investment and a project that is up and running in a timely manner. 
Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation by calling 0115 888 3220 today. 
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