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When it comes to changing the approach your business takes to technology, it can be difficult to know where to start or what matters most of all. However, you need to be careful not to fall into the trap that many businesses do when setting about making these kinds of changes. 
It’s important to remember the limitations of technology and what it really takes to make successful changes and transitions to your business. A digital transformation is not just about technology, and that might sound strange at first, but we’ll clear it all up for you below. 
Work on Employee Attitudes 
Employee attitudes matter a lot, so if you’re going to set about transforming your business and implementing new digital solutions and processes, your employees will need to be on board with it. After all, their attitudes and behaviours will be the things that matter most when it comes to how these digital processes are harnessed going forward. 
Think about how you can change their attitudes and behaviours in ways that will help you and them with the transformations ahead of your business. This is something that should most definitely be a collaborative and open process. These aren’t the kinds of changes you can enforce in a top-down kind of way, and nor should you seek to. 
Use Technology to Enhance Your Existing Processes 
If you have good existing processes in place, using technology to enhance them is what you should be aiming for. You don’t need to throw out everything in order to achieve more via new digital technology. You should only look to start enhancing these processes via digital transformation once you feel your business’s culture is right and the behaviours and attitudes of your employees are correct, however. 
Look to build on the success you have and make your employees a part of that. Make them feel like drivers of change rather than having change thrust upon them. When you do this, they’ll grow with the business and be a part of this big digital transformation you’re looking to make happen. 
Don’t Expect Technology Alone to Solve Your Problems 
If you’re entering this new era and implementing new systems of technology with the expectation that these technologies alone will solve all of the problems your business has, you’re going to be very much mistaken. Technology alone can’t fix your problems or achieve the level of change you might be striving for inside your business. Good culture and the right employee attitudes and ethics will need to accompany any new approach to technology your business adopts. 
So, as you set about this path towards digital transformation, try to remember that it’s more about culture than anything else. Sure, technology and the new systems you put in place will be vital, but they won’t be enough alone. In order to achieve the positive changes and outcomes you’re looking for, you’ll need to have the right culture in place among your team and employees. 
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