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As a company grows, the company director needs to devolve a number of their roles and responsibilities. 
When the business is bigger, there is more that needs to be done, and if as a company director you tried to carry on doing it all, you would quickly find your daily tasks piling up and end up being unproductive. 
When it is your baby, so to speak, it can be hard to relinquish some of what you are doing, as a company expands completely separate teams may be required as the work becomes more varied. 
Another area that needs some attention as you grow is that directors need to gain the perspective and skills to be able to lead their team effectively. This can be something that can be challenging in the high-growth environment of a company, but having some critical insights, along with some practical advice can help tailor mindsets and behaviours so that directors can scale the business effectively and efficiently. 
Understanding Processes 
As the head of a growing business, there will be a number of things that you will normally do in your work life that you would just happily get along with. But of course, when it comes to a business expanding, these things need to be extracted and documented, so that someone else would be able to do it, just as you would. Through the use of IT, you can document processes so that someone else can follow them. It does need to be in detail, you need to think about each step you take so that a new employee can find their way quickly. You might do things on autopilot as you’re just used to them; so, it’s important to take the time to think about exactly what you are doing in order to get the instructions just right. Think to yourself what and how you would like the information to be presented. 
Project Management 
As your business grows you need to be able to take a step back and manage projects rather than being involved in the day to day running of them. You will be the final port of call when it comes to checking projects.. It can be difficult to get used to project management, but it is part and parcel of a directors role in a growing business. In order to ensure that projects run smoothly the director needs to ensure that the right teams are in place and that there are clear communication channels. But also to understand when there is a problem and be able to find the right solution so that projects are successful 
On the flip side of this, company directors need to be able to realise that when the company has reached a certain size, their role will start to have a much larger-than-life importance to be the driving force to meet the future strategy. 
Reviewing and updating business processes 
The current processes that you have been doing prior to expanding the business will need to grow in line with the business to ensure they are as efficient as possible. When things have changed, it is important to review them regularly, so that you can ensure that they are being done in the most efficient way and that they are being aligned to the business strategy. That is where we can come in and help. We can help you to review your processes and the technology that you are using as your business grows, to ensure that you are getting the most from your IT and your staff. 
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