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The continuing pandemic and various lockdowns have changed several important aspects of lives. Today, we build relationships, work, and communicate with our colleagues in a different way compared to just a year ago! All the signs are now pointing to this continuing for the foreseeable future. 
With such a sudden switch in communication methods, it was essential to catch up and introduce a different solution to allow team members to think together, discuss, and create new ideas - virtually and safely. 
So, communication or team management platforms that had been on the market for 1-2 years before the pandemic saw their subscribers steadily increase this year. Like all choices, it does not come without a drawback or two. However, the benefits of such platforms are endless and worth considering! 
Communication Platforms and the Changing Market 
A meeting has always been the moment in time when you had the chance to obtain valuable feedback, listen to essential info about the company, and organise the rest of the week for you and your employees. However, today, physical meetings are not possible, but communication between team members or managers has never been so critical to keep a company afloat. 
That's why an increasing number of employers, managers, or company owners have decided to invest in a platform such as slack asana and MS Teams. These platforms allow you to check up on work time, schedule availability and establish due dates for the tasks. Through the functions of each platform, you can also set different tasks for your employees and enjoy a direct communication channel if you ever need it. 
The Benefits of Communication Platforms 
The benefits of investing in a subscription for you and your team members are endless. Here are just a few: 
Allows you to establish a secure and direct communication channel with your team members and anyone in the company. 
Anybody can send documents across without exposing the company to the risk of phishing attacks. 
The communication platform often grows and shrinks along with your company. So you won’t need to upgrade to another program soon. 
It allows you to synchronise everybody’s work, schedule, and free time. 
What Communication Platform to Use? 
Some of the best communication platforms or team management platforms out there this year include: 
Microsoft Teams 
Google Hangouts 
Finding the right platform for your team’s size and effort is not easy, but by leveraging the free trials most of them offer, you can try and decide on the one that is simple to use but packed with useful functions that will suit your business and employees needs. 
One More Consideration to Make 
So, the benefits of introducing a communication platform in your company are endless. This software allows you to reorganise and restructure the company to make it more productive and cyber safe. The benefits of getting a communication platform for your team include the ability to reach any of your team members in a secure, fast way. 
However, there is one considerable drawback of this choice that you should keep in mind: communication platforms cannot replace human contact and in-person meetings! It is crucial that these platforms’ users remember that the platforms should not be used as a means and replacement for in-person meetings. 
Some people managers are struggling to effectively manage their direct reports virtually so some consideration is needed to maybe think about their ongoing development to be more effective remotely rather than face to face. 
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