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At the start of the global pandemic, many organisations were thrown in at the deep end, with a lot of businesses having their workforce suddenly working remotely. Whilst there are some businesses that will have had some experience with this, for many it was unchartered territory. Business owners who now had to accommodate all of their remote working employees brought with it some challenges particularly around communication. 
Looking ahead a lot of businesses are now considering a blended workforce permanently so getting your company’s communications in order is something that is vital. 
Internal communication 
A good first step to think about, now more than ever, is getting your internal communications on-point. At the start of the pandemic, a lot of businesses were running on autopilot and just getting through, rather than being productive. But now we are working in a different way, we can communicate better with our teams in order to get new projects underway, and keep the business going, rather than just surviving. Keeping internal communications regular and concise helps all parties to be clear on what is required of them. When you’re not face to face and in the ‘Zoom world’, it can be harder for people to ask questions or gain clarity, so being clear with your message is a must. Some topics for internal communications, especially at the moment, could be: 
Coronavirus-specific messages: there are still some things that are unknown which brings uncertainty, although we do know more and more as time goes by. But having internal communications around status, the impact to the business, and employees, customers, and communities is good communication to have. 
Business as usual communications: although things are starting to now operate as they did, many things are still different. Some colleagues will still be working remotely, and some may be heading into the office. As such, there is definitely a need to make communication as organised as possible and keep the messages clear to avoid confusion or miscommunications. So as a result, it will require more frequent, more proactive, and more coordinated communications coming from all levels of management. When this happens, it can put minds at ease because of the new ways of working and can help to mitigate any uneasiness with over-communication. 
Use of Technology 
When you have teams that are working in a variety of locations one of the key things to help will be the effective use of technology you probably already have in place.. It is a good idea to look to use technology as you can do things like company-wide webinar events, which people can dial into wherever they are, and you can get a clear message across to the team. It is important to make sure that using technology doesn’t devolve the responsibility of having regular and clear communications using other methods like calls and other meetings. 
While disruption to the business, no matter where it comes from, is never easy, it does help to offer the chance for a business to stand out, improve, and look for some new ways to operate. 
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