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Are you using your existing technology to its full advantage? 
Many companies only use the basic features of their existing technology without ever exploring what other features are available. Instead, they spend more money on supplemental IT solutions when what they were looking for was already there, but unused. 
Two types of technology are particularly affected by this phenomenon. One is VOIP telephone solutions, the other CRM systems. 

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Telephone Systems 

Organisations often only use the basic call answering and redirecting their VOIP system offers. Many don’t look at the next phase which could be utilising hunt groups. These are groups of people set up to take incoming calls. Incoming calls can either ring at each non-busy telephone in the group, or ring sequentially according to a given list of the group until someone picks up. 
Another underused feature is the possible link between VOIP and CRM. The system records when a call was made to a prospect or customer and your CRM gets updated automatically. 
There are other features such as voicemail to email transcription, conferencing or find me/follow me call routing. Make sure you have exhausted all existing features of your current VOIP system before you consider upgrading to another one. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems 

Many times, when investing in a CRM system, businesses tend to replicate what they had before but in a cloud environment. They don’t look at what other useful features they could use. 
CRM systems provide extensive reporting functionality. Data is used to create insights into market trends, patterns and behaviours. 
Another underutilised feature of CRM are workflows to automate processes. You can create if-then rules that automate important but repetitive tasks such as following up on leads, sending emails or raising invoices. 

How Green Giant Consulting can help 

Companies spend an awful lot of money investing in new technology but don't leverage all the real benefits from them. Is it time to review what you have and look at how your existing technology can make your company more efficient? 
With our IT Consultancy services, we provide a scalable solution for your changing IT requirements as your company grows, including improved systems and software to make your business more efficient. This, of course, includes making the most of your existing IT systems. 
Please get in touch for a complimentary 2-hour session to see how we can help. You can contact Green Giant Consulting today on 0844 259 6210 or visit our Contact page. 
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