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When you begin a project within your organisation you want to start it safe in the knowledge that your project will deliver what you expect. Before starting a project, your project manager will set out the key initiatives and projected outcomes along with timescales and budget. It is the responsibility of the team and the project leader to ensure that the project stays on track and delivers the right objectives. 
There are a number of reasons why a project may stray of course, which can result in costs increasing and taking up more time and resources. The sooner you understand the cause of the problem and begin to rectify the issues, the better the chance that your project will deliver what you expect. 
When projects fail it can have a number of effects on your organisation. Not only are there financial issues, but failure to deliver can also demoralise your team. So the quicker you can identify the problems, the more efficiently the project will run. 
An independent project review will help your organisation to ensure that best practices, good governance, and sound logic are followed in the performing of the project and that the project is adequately set up for progression to the next stage. 
Having an external project management review offers your organisation the opportunity to see the project from a new perspective. A review can help you to understand where there are any communication breakdowns. Understanding how to keep the communication flowing is crucial to successful project delivery. 
The external review will also help you to understand how your leadership impacts your project delivery. Your project manager should be holding the team accountable. If your project is not on track and is beginning to take up valuable resources and finance, you will need to look at how well your project is being run. 
Excellent budget management is required when project managing. A project that overruns has not correctly delivered the objectives. If your project is beginning to go drastically over budget, there is a serious issue. Continuing with a project that is costing too much money is not beneficial to any organisation. By carrying out an independent review, you will be able to understand where the problems lay and can save time and money to ensure the resources are focused on the right initiatives. 
Here at Green Giant, we have over 33 years experience in Information Technology, business change, customer service, project management and strategy. We can help you to deliver your projects on time, and on budget, with an independent review. We will provide clear and impartial expert assistance to bring your project back to good health. 
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