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Lots of directors in small or medium-sized firms decide to take on loads of jobs all at the same time. You look after the general business operations, you’re handling the financial side of things, you’re in charge of procurement, IT - the list goes on! 
If this sounds like you, then you can proudly claim the role of a MHD or a Multi Hatted Director. 
It’s a stressful role that’s full of responsibilities, but many directors often find it is the only solution in their firm. If money is tight, then you don’t have the resources to hire people to take on all of these roles for you. So, it falls on your shoulders to handle everything to the best of your abilities. 
What does a Multi Hatted Director do? 
What doesn’t a Multi Hatted Director do?! It varies from business to business, and it depends on what functions you need to cover. Some many-hatted directors only take care of three different roles, while others juggle many more things. 
Effectively, you decide to take over the areas of your business that you can’t seem to find the talent for. As mentioned, this is usually done to keep the costs as low as possible by avoiding extra hires. 
What’s the downside of being a many-hatted director? 
At first glance, this sounds like a great idea for your organisation. By taking on multiple roles, you can lead by example and inspire the other employees in your firm. You also have the benefit of ensuring that tasks are carried out to a standard you’re happy with. 
However, there’s a significant downside of taking up loads of different roles. You have to go out and gain enough experience across all these different areas to ensure you can do them correctly. This is incredibly time-consuming, and there’s every chance you’ll still never be able to reach a standard that rivals an actual expert in a given field. 
As a result, you may find yourself being less productive. It sounds strange considering you’ll always be doing some form of work. But, you might spend too much time doing one thing when you need to focus on something else. For example, you need to sort out your taxes, but you’re too busy sorting out various IT issues that make it impossible for you to do your work! 
How can you make life easier for yourself? 
The good news is that you don’t have to be stressed all the time as a many-hatted director. There’s a simple solution that will lift a heavy burden off your shoulders - get help for some of the most complex tasks. 
This is where Green Giant can seriously help you out. We’re IT experts, meaning we can take over the IT side of your business for you. We’ll have full responsibility for one area of your business, giving you time to focus on everything else. It might not seem like much, but you’ll be amazed at how much free time you have when someone else is handling all the ongoing IT functions in your firm. 
So, if you’re a Multi Hatted director that feels like they’ve bitten off more than they can chew, then take a look at our Multi Hatted Director Masterclass > CLICK HERE. We’ll help you gain control of your company and focus more time on the tasks that you’re more accomplished at. 
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