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For any business, in any given field, effective communication is always of the utmost importance. 
The way you communicate with your prospective customer base is, of course, what the art of marketing is all about. It’s at the heart of your ability to sell the product or service you are offering, while simultaneously doing what you can to establish a long-standing and positive reputation for your company in the industry at large. 
Communication within your company and team, however, is just as important as your marketing communications. The ability of your employees to properly and clearly understand the priorities of the company, and the role they are expected to play within it, will have a tremendous impact on their ability to be properly productive. And at the same time, it is when the various members of your team truly believe in and feel invested in, your company’s professional vision, that the magic really happens. 
Additionally, there are a variety of workplace initiatives that have been sweeping the business world in recent years, which have led to dramatic improvements in employee well-being in a variety of sectors and which can, by extension, lead to improved employee retention. 
Since good communication is at the heart of so much, here’s a look at five communication trends for 2021 that you should be paying attention to. 
1. An enhanced focus on employee well-being 
Issues surrounding workplace mental health, job satisfaction, and overall employee well-being, have been at the forefront of recent trends in the realm of internal communications – and there are reasons to believe that striving to increase employee well-being in these ways might lead to not only smoother and more effective cooperation within the company but also better employee retention, among other things. 
Particularly in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, stress and uncertainty are abnormally high in the workplace, and many more employees are feeling burned out. 
Communicating a clear will, and set of initiatives, to combat this can do a lot of good within your company.  
2. The growing prominence of Internal Communications 
Traditionally, in many companies, “communication” has only really been emphasised to any significant degree with regards to customer-facing marketing communications. 
In recent times, though, internal communications are being recognised as an increasingly fundamental part of a thriving business. 
Get in front of this curve, and make sure that your remote workers feel well informed and included in the team dynamic. 
3. Growing communication with the frontline worker 
Frontline workers have been rightly brought to the centre of public awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is a growing recognition that these individuals – whether dealing with customers or patients – are integral to any organisation. 
Traditionally, frontline workers have been given the short straw with regards to being included in communication. Now, there is a trend to change that. 
4. A growing need for real-time information 
Delay in communication response times is increasingly proving to be a detriment in many contexts, and the ever-quickening pace of the professional world necessitates a greater level of attentiveness to real-time information collection. 
Consider ways to streamline your communication infrastructure, in order to ensure that the pressing details get to where they need to be, as soon as possible. 
5. The increasing digitisation of the workplace 
Prior to 2020, many companies were still sceptical of the concept of remote working. Today, in the wake of the pandemic, remote working has become a necessity for a huge number of companies across a huge range of industries. 
Traditional non-digital communication tools and methods, including in-person meetings, printed newsletters, and even internal intranet systems, are all proving inadequate in the current climate. 
Sophisticated digital communication systems are needed now more than ever, which can allow companies to streamline communication among a largely remote-working employee base. 
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