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Working in a connected world

We are living in a world where it has become so easy to connect with each other socially and within a business, but are we using it as effectively as we could? Businesses, in particular, are becoming globalised with employees who work from different locations and not just in the office, home being the obvious one. They Read More »

How Healthy is Your PMO?

If you have a Project Management Office (PMO) within your organisation then knowing it is performing effectively is key to the business growth. Do you have a clear view of what benefits the projects are delivering and they are going to be achieved? Are you sure all the resources are being utilised fully and to their Read More »

What technology is right for my organisation?

This is the age old question organisations ask themselves as they develop and grow. There is so much out there such as Cloud Solutions, Internet of Things (IOT), Big data, VOIP Phones etc. etc. so what should you be considering out of all that’s available. Before you ask yourself that question you should ask yourself Read More »

How ‘Risky’ is your business

For growing organisations, there are many ‘risks’ which every leader needs to be aware of such as Strategic, Compliance and Financial but one that seems to be last on the list is Operational. Operational risk refers to an unexpected failure in your organisation’s daily operations. It could typically be a technical failure or it could Read More »

I was at a networking event last week and I got talking with a couple of people about the BT outage that occurred last week as both of the companies they work for had been affected. One of the companies was a local taxi firm so it had an impact on bookings and getting the Read More »

Time for Reflection

It’s been a while since my last post and quite a lot has happened in that time: We had Euro 2016 where England had their worst performance and the subsequent departure of the manager Wales did exceptionally well and had their best performance for decades The UK voted to leave EU The Prime Minister resigned Read More »

Be surprised at what you do

Have you ever taken the time to think about why you don’t have enough time in the day? When engaging with new clients one of the first exercises we do is to go through all the operational processes they undertake on a regular basis so we can understand the starting point or the ‘As is’ position. Read More »

Cybercrime can hit anyone

I recently published a couple of posts about data security and looking through the headlines on the BBC website this morning I saw a recent article (link at the bottom) that highlights one form of cybercrime which is on the rise and can affect any size of  organisation. It is called ‘ransomware’ that takes control Read More »