About Us

peteWith over 33 years’ experience in Information Technology, business change, customer service, project management and strategy, I set up Green Giant Consulting in 2014 so that I could take the skills I’ve gained throughout my career and apply them to the unique challenges faced by small- and medium-sized businesses.

Before running Green Giant Consulting I held a number of senior positions in IT and project management at Boots, E.ON, Micros Retail, Healthcare at Home and Midland HR. I’ve worked with clients in a huge range of sectors, including retail, finance, warehousing and distribution, accounting, knowledge management, electronic document archiving, utilities, payroll and HR, and healthcare – and the list is always growing.

Collaborative working

Every business I work with is different so my services are tailored but the one thing they all have in common is that they want to be more efficient and effective. I work closely with clients to design the right strategy for them to achieve their goals and save them time and money. The number of testimonials I have pays testament to the some of the challenges that I helped with so please take a look.

I’m passionate about problem-solving so I see the issues businesses face as they grow as challenges to unpick and overcome, and approach them in a calm, logical way.

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“Peter is able to switch easily from strategic thinking to operational delivery. I cannot speak highly enough of the contribution Peter made during our time working together.”